Take the Time to Research Your Entertainment

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  • August 15, 2012
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Hey everyone, I have a new blog for you today and it’s about researching your entertainment. If you’re in the market for a DJ or band I encourage you to go out and meet with the people you will be hiring to be in charge of your entire reception. That’s right, you’re not just hiring someone to play music. You are hiring someone that will be in charge of how your entire event runs. I’m sure you went to venues, looked at flowers, tasted food and even tasted cakes. Why would you not meet with the one person that is going to be running your reception? The florist, caterer, and baker will not be there to emcee or make judgment calls on what happens at your reception. The DJ or band will.

With that said… and I’m sorry if that came off a little harsh. I didn’t mean for it to but I just want to help brides and grooms understand the importance of having good, professional entertainment. First, stay away from Craigslist. Would you buy your flowers from Craigslist? Of course not. So why look for one of the most important aspects of your day on “The List?” It’s just got bad written all over it. You need a DJ that is competent, professional, experienced and that is easy to maintain an open line of communication with. If an entertainment company can’t afford to put the time and effort into maintaining a professional website to attract customers how much effort are they going to put into your event?

While live bands are great, not everyone wants a band. I always suggest to brides and grooms that if they are looking at booking a band also look at hiring an Emcee as well. Don’t leave your emceeing to the band, which usually lacks in this area and Uncle Bill, while a super cool guy, is not the way to go either. Your announcements are a traditional aspect and are deeply rooted in the overall romance and charm of the evening. Take the little extra time to prepare for this. Find a talented and skillful Emcee to make your night one to remember.

In closing, I would just like to encourage you to take a couple of days out of what I know is already a busy schedule and meet with a couple of DJs. Ask them questions, listen to what they say and then ask them more questions! This day comes once in a lifetime. Do you really want to leave that day up to a person you spoke with on the phone several months ago?




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