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Kevin CheekWho are you and what is it that you do?

Hello and thank you for stopping by the website! My name is Kevin Cheek and I am the owner of Dawg-Town Entertainment and DJ located in Athens, GA. I am a Wedding Entertainment Specialist with over 10 years of experience in the field. We provide the best entertainment and organization for brides all over North Georgia! When you book Dawg-Town you get the owner and best entertainment specialist every time! I am young, inspired and have the drive to make your event not only a success but one that all of your family and friends will be raving about for years to come. I am a student of music. I was not only in band throughout high school I was also in chorus where I was in the men’s quartet and honors chorus selection. I have played in many bands growing up, in my adulthood and music is my life. I enjoy it and I have a passion for it. If you ever want to know more about me please do not hesitate to call, e-mail or setup a meeting with me. Once again, Thank you so much for stopping by the website.



Do you only do Weddings?

No. I do all types of events! While I specialize in weddings, I also do birthday parties, school functions such as proms and homecoming dances. I do Company Events as well such as Christmas parties and picnics! If you want music at an event… I can do it!

What Makes Dawg-Town the best choice for me?

I am so glad you asked! Dawg-Town is locally owned and operated! Dawg-Town started out in 2006 as just Kevin doing every event, every piece of paperwork, answering every call and washing the equipment trailer. After expanding in 2014 to 3 staffed entertainers and 2 videographers. In May 2016, I made the decision to cut back on the amount of events I do. I made the decision to downsize back to a solo operator and focus on fewer events each year. I will never, ever sacrifice my quality of service to book more events. I am not just a DJ, I am so much more. I have back-up equipment on site and have a network of other entertainers on standby in case an act of God were to occur! I also include lighting in each of our shows! I provide truly professional lighting, not lights bought at a local retail store at the mall.


How do I book Dawg-Town for My Event?

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It’s easy! Come meet me for a free consultation, call or e-mail! I will go over details of your event with you and tailor our services to your needs!
I can address any concerns or worries you may have in person! I then have you sign a contract that protects both you and Dawg-Town. A deposit/retainer is also required to secure the date.


Kevin, How Can I Pay Dawg-Town?

I accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards (NO AMEX or Discover). I also accept cash or check! In most cases we can work out payment arrangements for everyone!

Kevin, What if I Can’t Meet in Person?

That’s OK! While I always encourage meeting with us in person at some point, I understand it’s not always an option. I can work with you by phone and internet! We can use Skype! I will go over all the details of your event and make sure you are well taken care of!

If you have any further questions that were not answered here… please call me at (706) 202-5786 or to e-mail me, kevin@dawgtowndj.com!

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